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Egg vibrators is a great choice for beginners who want something simple and budget-friendly that’s still high-quality and powerful. From the vaginal egg vibrator to the anal egg vibrator, you can choose what you want.

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What Is an egg vibrator?

The name of egg shakers comes from their shape, which resembles an egg. They are usually no more than four inches long, and most egg shakers are much smaller than that. So if you need to put a vibrator in your bag when you travel, then an egg shaker will be a great choice that is not only easy to carry but also very discreet.

In terms of performance, it's designed for vaginal stimulation, but you can use them equally well on the clitoris and nipples, which is very versatile. However, we don't recommend you use them in the anus, which can get stuck in the buttocks and bring you inconvenience.

As one of the most popular sex toys, the egg vibrator has a powerful vibration effect with different vibration patterns that can provide you with a great masturbation experience. The round shape is perfect for vaginal pleasure, massaging your G-spot and taking your bedroom life to the next level.

How to use egg vibrator?

The existence of the egg vibrator takes masturbation to a new level. You can try rolling it around your body before you enjoy it. Awaken your body by stimulating your nipples and rubbing your inner thighs until you master it. Of course, we recommend that you apply plenty of lubricant before use to enhance the experience.

If you are using an egg vibrator with a retrieval cord, you can insert it all the way into your vagina and feel it rubbing inside you until you reach orgasm. You will get more out of it if you use a remote control.

Is Egg vibrator suitable for couple-game?

Absolutely. The egg vibrator, used during penetrative intercourse, can greatly enhance lovemaking between couples and bring you more intense pleasure.

It is important to note that you need to adjust the right angle and then fix it in your vagina so that you can enjoy double stimulation and experience the pleasure of vaginal orgasm during anal sex.

And the use of the remote control greatly adds to the fun of couples' games. By giving complete control to your significant other, the unknown fun greatly increases the experience of orgasms where all you have to do is scream.

How to clean the egg vibrator?

No matter what kind of sex toy it is, cleaning is always an essential part, not only to prolong its life, but also for your safety. Timely cleaning can effectively remove bacteria.

We recommend that you follow the usage guidelines when cleaning your toy. Do not immerse directly in water unless it is clearly waterproof. Generally, using a professional sex toy cleaner to spray and wipe the toy is enough, and you can likewise use a mild soap for cleaning.

It is important to note that when you finish the cleaning process, please store it in a clean and airtight cabinet, and be sure to avoid direct sunlight.

Can egg vibrators get stuck?

Although the likelihood of this happening is very low, there are still many users who find themselves in this situation. Generally, these egg shakers come with a push-pull cord for easy removal. If you accidentally break it during use, do not worry. Just squat down and use your Kegel muscles to push it out as if you were taking a dump.

It is important to note that if you are an avid fan of anal play, it may get stuck, so we do not recommend using it for anal sex. Of course, if you find yourself in this situation, please go to the hospital immediately for help.

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