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Thrusting vibrator with multiple vibration modes, let your body enjoy more G-spot orgasms. Soft and skin-friendly design, there is always one for you.

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What Is a Thrusting Vibrator?

Unlike traditional vibrators, the thrusting vibrator makes a difference in stimulating orgasms. Thrusting vibrator is an inserted toy that provides users with pleasurable vibrations while also having an automatic thrusting function that brings more stimulation.

If you expect to improve your sex life now, then these toys will be the right choice for you. The strong vibration effect with the unique pushing motion, letting you experience multiple stimulation enjoyment straight to orgasm.

How To Use a Thrusting Vibrator?

All sex toys are originally designed to pleasure the user, so they are not too complicated to operate. For the thrusting vibrator, it's best to feel its strength in your hands before using it to avoid getting hurt during the process.

Before you start, relax your body and pick a place where you feel comfortable. Try playing music or having a glass of wine. Then you can start the foreplay work. It is essential to wake up your body, as this will greatly increase the experience of orgasm.

Of course, lubricant is an essential step. Apply enough lube to the intimate area and the toy for more pleasure. Try rubbing the thrusting vibrator against your thighs, and then enter slowly until you are completely comfortable with it. Finally, enjoy yourself!

How Does the Thrusting Vibrator Feel?

While clitoral stimulation feels great to the user, it is not the only path to orgasm. A powerful thrusting motion can bring you a whole new level of sensation.

Unlike other vibrator toys, the thrusting vibrator focuses on penetrating pleasure and stimulating the vagina in its own unique way. The different levels of speed and slightly curved shaft hit your sensitive spots perfectly, bringing you an orgasmic experience like no other.

It is important to note that everyone's pleasure level is different and so is the amount of stimulation needed to achieve orgasm. You don't have to be too hard on yourself if you try the thrusting vibrator for the first time and it doesn't bring the desired effect. You can try different positions or other toys from our list.

Selecting the Best Thrusting Vibrator

If you are a beginner in this field and want to try thrusting vibrator, but don't know where to start, here are some recommendations for you.

2-Motor Purple Thrusting Bead Vibrator is suitable for beginners to use the eye-catching purple color with a special visual impact. Besides, it has 5 kinds of stretching frequency and 8 kinds of vibration speed for you to explore, to bring you a different kind of fun.

The Deluxe Telescopic Rotating Thrusting Dual Stimulation Vibrator, with a powerful motor system that hits you right where you're sensitive, and an intelligent rotating thrusting feature that delivers real sensations, provides you with intense pleasure and stimulation.

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