Long Fox Tail Butt Plug – Brown Fur Review

Long Fox Tail Butt Plug - Brown Fur

Are you still exploring anal play? Why not try this Long Fox Tail Butt Plug – Brown Fur? It can be enjoyed alone, but it brings even more fun in couples’ play. I know it may be difficult to talk about this topic, but for those with rich experience, if you want to pursue more excitement, then you must not miss it. Believe me, it will bring you a different experience.

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Rating: (4.7/5)


  • Price: $37.99
  • Material: aluminum alloy + artificial fur
  • Length: 17.7 inches
  • Plug length: 1.97 inches

Use Feeling

I’m sure no one can say no to a furry tail, especially when you’re having sex, even me. As soon as I first saw the Long Fox Tail Butt Plug – Brown Fur, I knew that this was the toy I wanted. And it didn’t prove to be a disappointment to me.

The smooth surface of the anal plug was very comfortable to touch and I easily inserted it into my wife’s anus. She was super excited and wiggled her ass at me. The white and tender ass wiggled and drove the fox tail to wag gently. I saw this scene and loved it so much. My wife said she didn’t feel any noticeable swelling either, the fullness instead made her very hot. As you can see, it is very beginner friendly. It includes a wide round base that helps prevent slipping too deep, a very nice design indeed.

Of course, the most noteworthy feature is its long tail design with artificial fur that is very soft. When making love, it will wiggle around and slap as the body twists. This does not feel uncomfortable, on the contrary, it titillates me and my wife one after another, the process is very interesting. Especially for those who have transvestites, they will love it! What an unforgettable night, it was as if I had made love to a werefox woman. I was super happy the whole night.


This exquisite anal toy is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is durable and has a smooth surface for comfortable use. More importantly, it has a cooling or heating function, providing a customized comfortable experience that is very suitable for beginners and experienced users. Cleaning is also very easy. Simply clean it with warm soapy water or your favorite toy care solution before and after use. Of course, you can use any lubricant on this toy to experience its charm.

But that’s not all. It has a lovely and eye-catching faux fur tail design to add sparkle to your intimate moments. Made from faux fur that’s safe and kind to sensitive skin, you can enjoy sensuality and luxury with every touch. The aluminum docking plug with fur tail comfortably pops into place to stretch, stimulate and flaunt the long tail in super soft fur.


  • The metal stock can be cooled or heated for comfortable use.
  • Cute faux fur tail design adds fun.
  • Safe and friendly for sensitive skin.
  • Perfect for all kinds of lubricants.
  • Concealed packaging.


  • It’s a little bigger than you might think



This is more like a teasing toy for sexual games. The smooth tapered butt plug paired with a cute tail adds more fun to your sex life. If you find your current sex life boring, why not try this lovely tail with your partner? It will bring you a different experience.

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