Rainbow Jewel Metal Butt Plug Review

Rainbow Jewel Metal Butt Plug

Isn’t it beautiful? I believe that no woman can resist the allure of rainbow gems. The gorgeous jewel sparkles with a shining visual effect that makes people fascinated by it at first glance. And this is the significance of the Rainbow Jewel Metal Butt Plug is existence. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user of anal play, male or female, this plug is sure to provide satisfaction. Its compact and beautiful design makes it the perfect companion for your sexual adventures.

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Rating: (4.8/5)


  • Price: $49.99
  • Material: aluminum alloy + acrylic stones
  • Color: rainbow color
  • Length: 3.16 inches
  • Maximum width: 1.26 inches

Use Feeling

To be honest, I was initially drawn to the Rainbow Jewel Metal Butt Plug for its cool appearance. The rainbow-colored metal exterior combined with the acrylic gem at the bottom make it look like a work of art, leaving me in awe.

Of course, appearance alone isn’t enough for me to recommend it, and it also excels in performance. If you’ve used similar silicone butt plugs before, you’ll notice the difference with this one. Its smooth surface makes it easier to insert and is gentle on sensitive skin, causing no discomfort.

Upon insertion, it felt a bit cold, causing me to involuntarily contract my anal muscles. This greatly enhanced the sensation it provided inside, filling my entire rectum with pleasure. I found it extremely comfortable, and its size was just right for me. If you’re a beginner in anal play, be sure to prepare yourself and protect your anus.


As you can see, beauty, cuteness, and colorfulness are the features of the Rainbow Jewel Metal Butt Plug. Unlike other anal toys you may have seen, its purpose is to add a new shine to your bedroom, and it certainly does that.

This exquisite butt plug has a range of advantages that are sure to satisfy you. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and decorated with acrylic gems, making it not only stunning but also safe for sensitive skin. The jewel decoration adds a shiny visual effect, undoubtedly catching anyone’s eye.

Moreover, the metal material allows you to easily adjust the temperature to your liking, providing a unique and customized sensation. Additionally, it’s waterproof, allowing you to enjoy it during a shower or bath.


  • The metal stock can be cooled or heated for comfortable use.
  • Luxurious jewelry accents add a sparkling visual effect.
  • Safe and friendly for sensitive skin.
  • Waterproof for your submarine or shower pleasure
  • Wearable so you can have fun anywhere, anytime!


  • Please use with lubricant


Overall, this is a very exciting anal toy suitable for experienced users seeking new and novel toys. For those individuals, this toy will be a fun addition to their collection. Its attractive appearance will also make it shine in your collection list.

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