CalExotics Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit Review

CalExotics Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit

CalExotics, the intimate toy experts, have utilized their decades of experience to create a groundbreaking line of intimate toys aimed at improving women’s health through safe, reliable, and research-backed products. Today’s spotlight is on the seductive and powerful CalExotics Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, this kit is designed to increase sensory stimulation, enhance comfort, and improve vaginal elasticity.

Next, we will provide you with detailed information about its specifications, features, and use feeling, giving you a comprehensive understanding of this product. If our article proves helpful to you, please don’t hesitate to show your support. Your support is our greatest motivation for continuous updates.

Rating: (4.8/5)


  • Price: $43.96
  • Material: silicone
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 3 x 5.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.08 lbs

Use Feeling

Due to some psychological reasons, I have felt very uncomfortable with penetrative sexual activities, making it nearly impossible for me. There were times when I had to avoid intimacy with my husband, which caused me a lot of distress. I have also tried other products, but they provided me with uncomfortable and rigid sensations. It wasn’t until I discovered the CalExotics Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit that my life completely changed.

The dilators have a natural weight and texture that feels incredibly comfortable, thanks to the soft silicone material. I started with the smallest size, and it worked wonders. The ergonomic curved design makes insertion easier. It’s cleaner and smoother than commonly used water-based lubricants, reducing the risk of injury. After some practice, I have mastered the two smaller sizes and have been able to engage in intimate activities with my husband as a beginner. It truly allows me to have better control over my body.

CalExotics Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit


This silicone dilator is designed with your comfort in mind, using soft and smooth silicone material for maximum comfort. The dilators are specially designed to exercise, adjust, and reactivate your pelvic floor muscles over time. The five different sizes add a challenge as you increase elasticity and reduce discomfort during insertion. With an ergonomic design, it provides doctor-recommended stimulation and exercise for your pelvic floor muscles. The design of the bottom finger ring makes it easy to use, and you can also place a vibrator on top to experience vibrations.


  • What is the larger single size?

Here are the sizes for all the dilators: 3″ x 0.5″ / 7.5cm x 1.25cm (Dilator 1) – smallest; 3.5″ x 0.75″ / 9cm x 2cm (Dilator 2); 4.25″ x 0.75″ / 10.75cm x 2cm (Dilator 3); 5″ x 1″ / 12.75cm x 2.5cm (Dilator 4); 5.5″ x 1.25″ / 14cm x 3.25cm (Dilator 5) – largest.

  • Can you insert the massager into these?

If you want to transmit vibrations to the dilators, you can place a bullet vibrator in the ring handle.

  • How do I clean it?

Due to its fully waterproof performance, you can simply clean it with water and soap, making it very convenient.


  • 5 progressively curved stimulators
  • High-quality, body-safe silicone
  • Recyclable Rings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Waterproof


  • Not a cheap price


For any woman looking to rediscover herself, this kit can help you regain vaginal strength and comfort, bringing back the initial pleasure. Of course, if you’re interested in more toys, we have a variety available on our homepage as well. Feel free to click the subscribe button below for more information.

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